Aspartame may trigger migraines

If you’re searching for solutions to migraines, talk to your ND. To get you through here’s a bit of information I found in my research.

According to a well respected M.D.  Dr. Alan Gaby, aspartame may be trigger migraines in some people. After more than 2 months of storage aspartame undergoes chemical changes as the product degrades.

Studies have been done by marketing companies to show aspartame doesn’t induce headaches but there were many limitations to this research. It is important that research reflects real life. In this particular study, the participants were give doses of aspartame 3 times a day, however it was not give in the same way and the same dose amount as would usually be found in foods.  It is thus not appropriate to take these findings as advice when determining potential treatments of migraines. It is still expected that aspartame may be a migraine trigger.



Gaby, A. (2011) Nutritional Medicine.  Concord, NH: Fritz Pearlberg Publishing.


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