Lavender safe in pregnancy. De-stress, reduce anxiety and depression!

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A very interesting article written by one of North America’s leading doctors in fertility. Dr.Tori Hudson describes gold-standard research that further confirms the benefits of lavender creams. Specifically in pregnancy, women who use a cream with lavender essential oils on their legs daily have reduced stress, anxiety and depression.

The simple things we can do to help ourselves make a significant difference!

Check out Dr. Tori Hudson’s article:


Bergamot Essential Oil – One of my favourites!

Recent research has shown that bergamot is beneficial in reducing anxious feelings before a big event (like a job interview, big presentation, meeting with the boss or even surgery). Bergamot acts to balance emotions by working on the hypothalamus resulting in a calm and tonified nervous system. It is wonderful on skin for eczema and has an antimicrobial effect on microorganisms that can cause infection. It may also benefit sun-kissed sun by protecting from DNA damaged caused by UV rays, however, it should not be used without sunscreen before going out into the sun because may increase the sensitivity of skin to the sun.